Born from the desire to express, create and clothe while 'walking lightly' on this earth, Vigilantia is about quality, craft, integrity, art and beauty.

Choosing the most beautiful fabrics which reflect this ethos takes much time and research.
It is not about churning out a new range every week to meet the apparent demands of the fast fashion hungry.
This is only a result of clever marketing and current day economics which suggest to 'buy, buy, buy' is the way forward and to keep on trend.

Colour that is made from nature, vibrant and pulsing with life, combined with lovingly made fabrics become more than just clothes.
To wear a garment that is a result of a journey beginning with the pure creative expression and intention that it be long lived and much loved is a rare thing these days.
What if clothes were made of the same molecules as our bodies and everything around us? What if each molecule retained a memory of all of its experiences?
Therefore, what would it feel like to wear a piece of cloth that's life journey from seed to finished garment was treated with compassion and respect?

The current day way forward is frightening in many ways, not only in contemporary fashion practise but in all walks of life.
Once we start questioning everything, what we have been taught in school, what our doctors are telling us, what the media is feeding us, where our food and water comes from, what are they poisoning the sky, earth and drinking water with, what really matters in life - then there is no way back. Then we have a responsibility to choose wisely.

The way forward must involve creativity, love, compassion and respect.
If any of these are compromised, then it is a step back and as humans, we are here to evolve.

Fashion is not separate from these ideas, in fact, it is a reflection of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.
The process of making a garment passes through many hands, and if it has enriched the lives of all that are part of it, including the wearer, then it has enriched this world.