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    VIGILANTIA has consistently embraced innovation to
    provide a superior level of excellence.


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    VIGILANTIA has consistently embraced innovation to
    provide a superior level of excellence.


    Providing World Class Quality

    VIGILANTIA has consistently embraced innovation to

    provide a superior level of excellence.

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Our Consulting Services

Non Destructive Testing

Conventional and Advance NDT Methods

Destructive Testing

Mechanical Material Testing


Inspection Services

Welding Supervision

Welding Supervision

Coating Inspection

NACE Coating Inspections

NDT Level 3 Services

MT, PT, RT, UT, PAUT, TOFD Level 3 Services

Welcome to Vigilantia

About Us

Vigilantia Pty Ltd is a leading provider of material testing services. We specialize in non-destructive testing (NDT) and destructive testing, ensuring the quality and integrity of materials.

Our services encompass a wide range of techniques, including visual, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant,eddy current and radiographic testing for flaw detection. We offer weld supervision, inspection, and coating assessment services, contributing to the safety and reliability of structures.

Additionally, Vigilantia provides Advance NDT Services (PAUT, TOFD, CR/DR, PEC) and NDT Level 3 services (MT, PT, UT, ET, RT, PAUT, TOFD), including consulting, training, and auditing, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
With a commitment to excellence, Vigilantia plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of materials and components.

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Our History

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Started VIGILANTIA Pty Ltd

Launch Vigilantia Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia

Quality Control

NDT Level 3 Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Level 3 services involve high-level expertise in overseeing and managing NDT programs. NDT Level 3 professionals are responsible for ensuring the technical integrity, accuracy, and compliance of NDT activities within an organization.
They develop procedures, train and certify Level 1 and 2 technicians, perform audits, and provide technical guidance. Their role is crucial in upholding industry standards and regulatory requirements while maintaining the quality and reliability of NDT processes.

Laboratory Quality Management pertains to the systematic management of testing and inspection laboratories to ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistency of results.
It encompasses implementing quality control measures, maintaining proper documentation, monitoring equipment calibration, and adhering to international standards like ISO/IEC 17025.
Effective laboratory quality management enhances the credibility of test results, fosters customer confidence, and ensures that laboratory operations meet industry expectations.

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Innovation & Adoption


Conventional NDT

Visual Testing (VT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Eddy Current Testing (ET), NACE Coating Inspection

Advance Non Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing

Tensile Strength, Impact Testing, Macroscopic, Break Test, Bend Test

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

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Pawel Banda

Advanced NDT Inspector / Welding Engineer

(M. Sc. Eng. , IWE, IWI-C, MT3, PT3, UT3, RT3, VT2, ET2, PAUT3, TOFD3, CR/DR, NACE Coating Inspector Level 1)

  • Tel:0481 354 764
  • Mail:pawel@vigilantia.com.au

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Tank Weld Testing

Phased Array + TOFD Inspection

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Computed Radiography (CR)

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Weld Testing

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